Zivah Comics is a digital comics company dedicated to producing quality content that features minorities. Although our content features underrepresented groups, our comics are for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes the story you want to read is not out there. At Zivah Comics, we took it upon ourselves to write those stories because we believe in being the change you wish to see.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an ambassador for diversity and lead the field of content creation into a world of inclusion where representation matters.

About the Founder

Zivah Comics was founded by Amber L. Vernon July 14, 2016. Amber grew up reading manga and watching anime. As she grew older, she developed an interest in American comics. Now she wants to use Zivah Comics as a platform for change. She wants to use her talents in writing and drawing to tell the adventures of African-American characters and other groups that are not often represented in mainstream media.

Message from the Founder


When I was a kid, I was so used to seeing people who didn’t look like me on television, I was always shocked to see an African-American playing an outstanding role. The kids at school used to pretend to be characters from their favorite shows and I would always feel left out because there were no characters that I could be. I felt underrepresented. When I got to college, I met so many people who felt the same way. That was when I came up with Zivah Comics. I wanted there to be a place where I could tell stories I wish I could have read when I was little. With Zivah Comics as my platform, I can impact someone who may have felt the same way and was desperately waiting on a story that had characters that represented them. Knowing that I can impact someone else’s life with a story is a truly amazing feeling.”  –Amber L. Vernon